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We develop beautifully designed custom apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices that increases visibility of your brand and drives your business!

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PaperPlanes [pey-per pleyns] — Noun

1. A bunch of brainy folks giving flight to your ideas using couple of macs, tons of creativity and bulk load of skills.

2. A team that goes beyond just the typical iOS development and takes the time to understand your business model and product offerings, your target audience and key messaging to provide fresh, innovative and integrated iOS solutions.


Our clients range from small family-owned businesses to iconic companies like the Hard Rock Cafe. We have served clients from diverse industries like Real Estate, Enterprise, Marketing and Hospitality.


Our portfolio of visually stunning iPad apps for a luxury lounge bar, an iconic cafe, a pizza kitchen and a tourism hotspot reflects the creativity and skills that the PaperPlanes team brings to the table. Give it a spin and be prepared to be dazzled!